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The European expert in high-purity zinc oxides
Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH (HZO) is one of the leading European manufacturers of zinc oxide and zinc dust: our brand HZO (for Harzer Zinkoxide) expresses our activities. Our customers benefit from an optimal product range, with different qualities tailored to the respective applications and a very high degree of supply security.

Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH (HZO) uses the New Jersey refined zinc distillation process, producing high-purity zinc oxide from secondary raw materials such as zinc scrap or remelted zinc. Our process is highly energy-efficient and has the lowest possible CO₂ emissions, which puts us to the top of Europe’s zinc recycling industry.

Information film of the ZINK initiative
From zinc scrap to high-purity zinc oxides
New Jersey process
In the New Jersey process, a refined zinc distillation, remelted zinc and zinc scrap converted at very high temperatures into zinc oxide and zinc dust. Since practically all intermediate products are processed, nerly no residues are left behind: the two-stage New Jersey process improves recyclability and helps to protect the environment.

Recycling into zinc oxide
Using the so-called “indirect process” (French process) based on fractionated distillation, we produce high-purity zinc oxide from secondary raw materials. The resulting zinc oxides are characterized by their nodular microstructure and their high chemical purity.

Recycling into zinc dust
Zinc dust is produced by a distillation and subsequent condensation process. At HZO, we produce zinc dust in different grain size distributions. The dust has a spherical shape and a high density.

QHSE Policy
Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH (HZO) has an integrated quality and environmental management system in place to ensure continuous control of its processes, monitoring and evaluation of problems, and implementation of preventative measures. By using and continuously developing new technologies, Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH (HZO) ensures an increasingly efficient use of energy and the minimization of CO₂ emissions. To meet this commitment, our site is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001.

Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH (HZO)’s site is classified as SEVESO high threshold. In this regard, the mandatory documentation is available below. Accordingly, the last site visit took place on 06.07.2021 (Hazardous Incident Ordinance).


Harzer Zinkoxide GmbH
Landstrasse 93
38644 Goslar

Phone: +49 (0) 5321 684 -0

Fax: +49 (0) 5321 684 229

General Manager

Thorsten Rowold
Tel.: +49 5321 684 422
Operations Manager

Lennart Klesse
Tel.: +49 5321 684 199

Sabine Wiesener
Tel.: +49 5321 684 152

Martin Dörnbrack
Tel.: + 49 5321 684 157

Marion Kohrt
Tel.: +49 5321 684 155

Sabine Wiesener
Tel.: +49 5321 684 152

Antonia Braunersreuther
Tel.: +49 5321 684 156
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